Beauty Post

My first Beauty Post
These are the products I'm currently using and LOVEing.<3>

Hahaha..i know i almost put up everything.LOL

  1. Benefit Thrrrob blush - I recently bought this and i love it!. It looks natural on cheeks, and it's a perfect blush this Spring!:)
  2. Guerlain Terracotta light sheer bronzing - I'm in love with this. I'm an evening person means i go out at night a lot and this one looks good on my skin at night.purrrfect:)
  3. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel eyeliner - It took me like 5 or more brands to finally find the perfect eyeliner. I used to have this Givenchy Khol eyeliner, i like it but not for night outs or something.I mean not good if you're going to sweat out.I tried the MAC ones and not just for me till i discovered this Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in WhoWhatWear daily. i tried it,..and it's Amazing!:)..i can smudge it right after i put it on my eyes for a smoky eye effect.
  4. MAC Studio Tech face powder - I actually use this at night or whenever i have shows. It softens lines, and creates a fresh, flawless finish. And it is water cooled so it refreshes and hydrates your skin.I swear to God it makes me look younger and FLAWLESS.
  5. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick - I'm currently in love with this lipstick. I almost have all the shades. hahaha. It doesnt dry out my lips and and it's longwear kind of lipstick. and the colors pops out! and of course i loove the design..haha
  6. Les 4 Ombres De Chanel (Quadra Eye Shadow) - It's one of my favorite eyeshadow compact. It's so easy to use and again, longwear. even if i party all night it stays put. Their best shades are 95 sparkling satins, 93 smoky eyes and 81 Beiges Velours. and of course it's Chanel!!!what's not to love about Chanel?!..duh.haha.
  7. Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara - simply phenomenal! I can put mascara on my bottom lashes.and my eyes looks amazing with this product!!..it looks like I'm wearing a false lashes but no I'm not.a must have!
  8. MAC cosmetics brow shader - I'm not so good about eyebrows but my mom taught me it's the main focus on a girls face. a perfect arch can make someone beautiful. And so i started using it just recently.Eyebrow pencil was my first choice before till i found out that powder wax eyebrow is much more better and easier to use. And so i tried this MAC brow shader and it's stunning!!It Give arches a lift with the brow powder and highlighter in this nifty compact.And it's very important that you also buy their brow brush.:)
  9. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - This is MAJOR!! I don't wear foundation or compact powder on a dayout. cause i don't want my face to crack or something.Most especially when it's sunny day. I use THIS product and i look so dewy (not oily).and it's AMAZING!.it looks natural on your skin and it doesn't look and feel like you're wearing any makeup!!!at all!!not to forget it has sunscreen also!!..definitely one of my favorites.<3
  10. Versace Signature Eau De Parfum - I'm not a big fan of strong and very woody scent.I loove smooth yet sexy and very classic. and this best describes Versace signature. It provides that extra dash of glamour that puts the finishing touch to every outfit.
  11. Sally Hansen Smooth Glow - It's A 3-in-1 body treatment that tans and nourishes the skin while reducing hair growth at the same time...dang!anything else?!.hahaha.
  12. BodyShop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel - I'm speechless. well nothing to say but this product is DIVINE!!..The bright pink gel actually smells exactly like a real, fresh, grapefruit, only it is sweeter and stronger. This scent fills my shower and lingers nicely on the skin after I get out.Definitely one of the reason i wake up in a very good mood:) and keeps me hours inside the shower. very citrusy..hhmmmmmm..and oh yeah, I'm a big fan of Grapefruits!.hah.
  13. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 - This is the number one must haves of every girls out there!!!Sun Damage can cause you wrinkles and Skin Cancer so better to be careful and use this product!..It's perfect for sunny day,it's consistency light, it wears forever and wears beautifully under makeup.and its water-resistant formula ensures that you're protected at the beach or during a workout.It's also great for the sensitive-skinned. and yes it's High SPF that you can truly trust on!.
  14. BodyShop Dry Olive Oil Mist - What's not to love about this product?. It's so perfect for my skin and i lather this right after shower.. If you see me coming on your way, expect this smell covering my whole body.hahaha.And it's Bodyshop's most famous product. It's not greasy as what you think, but it gives the right moisture and shine on my whole body.And it makes me feel lighter and free.hahaha.another MAJOR.<3
  15. Celeteque Moisturizer - My ultimate secret.hahaha.now you guys all know.The reason why i have clear skin.Use this daily once to twice a day.:)Highly recommended!!!
  16. Toni&Guy Shampoo - I know this might sound very freaky but i have a very oily scalp.gross right?!.ulk.hahaha. But when i started using Toni&Guy shampoo my hair scalp is now in a very good condition.lol .I mean i color my hair like twice in a year so expect chemical and sun damage on my hair. But now it seems like this shampoo repairs my hair:).and oh it adds volume on my hair!i swear.

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