Shakespeare and Co.

I went out with some of my new friends here in Dubai for Dinner.I don't have any effin idea where to go so it was them who decided to go Saladicious.I was so shy cause it's the first time i met Catherine and Dee in real life.I mean i actually met Catherine in Lookbook then on Facebook (oh yeah obsessed).hahaha

After our not so "talkative" dinner, i asked them if they watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire already. they said they haven't watch the movie yet so we checked the Time movie showing and went Grand Cinemaplex in Grand Hyatt to watch it...
(I watched Slumdog Millionaire twice)ha.

We went right after to this very interesting/wonderful place called Shakespeare and Co..And happens to be Catherine's favorite place to chill in.hahaha. The moment i entered the shop Catherine was right, it's amazing!They have this Alice in Wonderland theme or something going on.We went to this other corner of the shop where they sell sweets, and i fell inlove with the place also!!I haven't got the opportunity to take pictures on that part tho'. They gave us free sweet treats and we were soo happy about it.hahaha

I ordered this some kind of weird drink named "vanilla berry" or something like that and it was ULK!!..there was no taste, and i swear i wont order it again.LOL
but guess what?. i finished the whole drink!.hahaha.

Dee loved her drink which is obviously coffee flavored smoothie. oh yes, she is a caffeine type of person. That's why she's like me, a night owl but on my part is i have sleeping disorder.hahaha.

A few chat....
and then right after i took some photos of the place
we clicked!.you know why?..cause we love CAMERA!
and we love POSING for the camera!!hahaha.


(and oh by the way! i took photos of Catherine's sister cookies also!!.it's yummy!)

That is Dee's skeleton hand. She's showing her Nail art skills. she's good on that:P.

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