I bought this amazing glittering dress just 2 weeks ago from NewLook. And i got it on Sale!!!like Dhs89 or something.I'm sooo glad i bought this on Sale cause i keep on eyeing this dress like a few months ago,..it was freakin expensive that time. thanks to DSF!!!!:D.To everyone who doesn't know what DSF is.It's a month where every shops in malls and everywhere here in Dubai are on Sale. I'm talking about this month "February"!!!it's not just Sale but super sale..(super cheap stuff!!) like this H&M dress i bought last week, it was Dhs370 then i bought it on Super sale for only Dhs29!!!!!! freaky huh.hahaha .And i took DSF very seriously!!!like i went to a lot of malls here in Dubai and almost bought everything on every shop..hahaha:P..i looove it..now my closet is full of clothes ,..and my problem is i don't know how to wear them all..LOL..I guess I'll just wear everything for my ordinary daily outfit..haha!:P.

Anyway i performed last week Friday night at Deira Sheraton Hotel. It was a marriage encounter event. every couple looked soo lovely that night!!they all look happy and healthy:). I felt good while performing in front of these couples,.cause they were all passionate to each other. A real Valentines spirit:D. we also did a countdown for Valentines day. we performed till 2am:D.
One of the best event i think that i've ever been:).<3

I know it's too late but i wanna greet everyone a Happy Valentines day!!!
and i hope you guys will celebrate it not just every 14th of February but everyday!!!
cheersss loversss!!!:)<3


Natalie M.P. said...

That is one hot dress..

Mabellie said...

thanks Natalie!!:)

we have is-shoe said...

hot! enough said :)