Lace and Metallic

January 5, 2009

Went to a birthday party.
I was soo excited to perform with my dress but then i got disappointed that the party was actually outdoor.

You can’t imagine how COLD it was last night..
i mean FRIGID COLD!!..

but anyway it was a nice show.
I managed to keep my voice very calm..
even though my whole body is already shaking..

i looove this Metallic dress that i got from Topshop way back in the Philippines.
It’s perfect for parties and i loove how the color looks like in the real thing..:)

was wearing a black lace dress from Forever 21, Blue/green metallic dress from Topshop, pearl and charms dangling hoop earrings from Forlove21 and a black garter flesh heels from Jessica Simpson


Luna Supernova said...

i love that dress!!! is the lace part of it? or separate?

im very very very envious!

D said...

AHHHHHH i love that dress and you are like glowing!!!
i heart your style

those photos bring out how pretty you are!