Christmas and New Year celebration

January 2, 2009

mi mama

mi papa

Went Courtyard Marriott Hotel for dinner.
my dad as my Photographer.hahaha…job well done papa!!;)

I’m sooo excited for what year 2009 will bring me.
fingers crossed * LOVELIFE*

i need a boyfriend please.

i know what you guys thinking..
I just LOVE this shoes!!..
hahahahaha…i know, i wear them all the time..but they’re actually the most lightweight and comfortable heels I’ve own so far:)

my mom was like always complaining bout this shoes..hahahaha..

what to do..LOL

was wearing Handkerchief dress from Tipsy Gipsy Dubai, Black gladiator heels from New Look, black feathered headpiece from H&M, ala Chanel black rose ring from For Love 21

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