spent some grocery in carrefour
ate hardee's..uhmp!
and did some shopping:)yaay.

bought the shoes a few moths ago
looks kinda weird but cool:)..
i <3 Michael Kors
and hopefully would get a chance to intern there!!:D

aww my good news!!
i have my credit card now.
i don't need daddy's for online shopping anymore.
i have my own.yayy!!
got more excited(limitation)..can't tell..nyahaha
c'mon girls!!..we all loove to shop!!
are you kidding me?!
it's a necessity!!

you guys with me?!:P

What i wore:
  • Black fedora hat - For Love 21
  • Gray V-neck shirt - Forever 21
  • Big white snakeskin belt - Rockwell (Philippines)
  • Purple patterned high-waisted skirt - H&M
  • brown strappy gold heels sandals - Michael Kors
  • White and brown diamond pattern Clutch (ala miu miu) - Steve Madden
  • Accesories - Forever 21


Anonymous said...

hoy puta your susu!!!!

btw i looove the shoess!:))
i really miss you:(

Mabellie said...

nargess?...is that you?!..nyahahha:Dmiss youu moreee!!!:D:P

Annie said...

love your blogspot :)
i read fashion toast too, and i love your posts so far!
hey join gmail and we can video chat. my username is acablitas@gmail.com :)

Mabellie said...

ate anniieee!!!!!!!!!!!!
aww thanks:D..
i know!!she's the coolest!!:P
sure sure i will!!see yah!!mwaah!:D