I borrowed daddy's tartan shirt, for the sake of the trend.nyahaha:P
went to this some surplus store and found a red metallic scarf:)
as a matter of fact, I'm doing the photography on my own
self timer life saver.

ahhhhh...the wind is blowing on my skin and it feels good!!..
specially in the afternoon,..the sun + the cold wind + beach = PRICELESS!!:D

and not to forget .....hot guys playing football..waaahhhh!!..hahaha

well anyway,..i love my stay here in Dubai,..and for sure will miss it as soon as i move in the UK:(

what i wore:

Hanes white t-shirt, Daddy's tartan shirt, gold dust shorts aunt's gift, ForLove21 accessories, Accessorize headband, Forever21 black gold studded belt worn as bracelet, ForLove21 Giambatista Valli knockoff shoes (not shown) .


Annie said...

def enjoy the dubai weather b/c the UK will be frigid cold!! and you'll get to experience snow too. when are you going to move? i want to visit you there!! hehe

Mabellie said...

i know,..:(..
I'll be moving on February and start to apply for universities:P
nyahahaha...I'll be staying in Yorkshire.

sure...coomeeeee visit meeeeee!!!:D:P
i misss you soo much ate annie!!..
t'was ages since i last saw you!!:(:(:(

Annie said...

england is more doable for me to visit than dubai. although it's definitely one of my wishes to visit dubai. i just google mapped yorkshire to london, and it's hella far!! thought it would be closer :( if i do visit england any time soon, maybe i'll take a train up there or you can come to london :) i haven't been there in 6 years, but the tube is easy to go around on.

definitely keep me in the loop & e-mail me on facebook to let me know your plans :) can't wait to see you in UK!

Mabellie said...

hahahaa....i knooow.
well my aunt told me train is easy to ride..so yeah i might probably come to London if you're there:)..hahaha
yayy I'm excited!!:P

I'll PM you on facebook and tell you the exact date when I'm coming there.:D:P..

but yeah i think it's nice also if you'll come visit Yorkshire and Leeds.nice town btw:D..nyahahaha

I MISS YOU "AUNT" ANNIE!!..nyaahaha:D:P

see yah soon!!

Rizwan Takkhar said...

I'm looking for places that sell Tartan shirts in Dubai. And I came across this page. Ahhh well. Help me! Somebody!

I love the pictures by the way. Woohoo!