August 6, 2009





Blazer = thrifted
White mini dress = Splash
black stockings = Topshop
Gold gladiator heels = Guess
Red aviator shades = Aldo

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers!! I've been busy these past few weeks taking exams and looking for colleges/universities. I'm deeply sorry for my long absence, and for not putting up some new interesting posts.

Anyway, these photos were taken last August 6..*well that's almost a month*hah.
the last few weeks of our GED class.

I LOVE this dress! It reminds me of MiuMiu's
Spring collection last year, this one!
to tell you honestly I really can't afford designer stuff, I'm more into high street brands and vintage/thrift stores. And I do best on my DIY. who said fashion should be EXPENSIVE??
I say FASHION is ART and should be

It's not that I'm against designer brands, are you kidding me??..I LOOVE them!!hahaha.
who doesn't? right?.
I just can't afford them. sad to say but TRUE. LOL
I'm just a student *cough*
(LOOKING FOR A JOB)*cough* who loves to dress up and who's very passionate about Music, Art and Fashion.:)

But but.. that doesn't end there. I have dreams and hopefully those dreams will come true:P.
but first I have to work my ass off to get to college to make it all come true. haha

I'm so glad I'm back blogging again:). Teehee*


mahryska said...

love the lace stockings!!! welcome back to blogging...see yah around! =D


and the haircuuuut:) must say, total transformation hun ;) still gorgeous as evvaaahhh.xx

Hellwafashion said...

A sense of style can't be bought! Those shoes are gorgeous - they look like "I put them on and feel amazing kind of shoes" - good to see you blogging again ;-)

vicen said...

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Anonymous said...

hi..you are so pretty..ur a filipina right?? but im guessing you have some other ethnicity going on in your blood hihi.. may i ask what is it? thanks..

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

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CANDY DOLL said...

Hi mabellie!!! Thank you so much for the DIY tip! I really appreciate it. You're awesome! <3

beckyxoxo said...

cute dress and love the leggings ! :D

NicholeCamarillo.com said...

AWESOME outfit. Great style.

Mabellie said...

Mahryska - thanks ate!:)haha
kisses <3

Cathy - and I love your bangs as well!!come back, I missed you already!!!:((.. me lovey you!! <3

Hellwafashion - awww thanks!! hugs <3

Anonymous(haha) - I am Filipina and I grew up in the Philippines.. but I am racially mixed :P
my dad is Portuguese and Filipino descent and my mother is Spanish-Chinese-Filipino descent :)

Beckyxoxo - Thanks hun!!:D <3

NicholeCamarillo.com - Thanks Schmexy!! ;)