Shopping for the perfect NYE dress

I went Ibn Battuta Mall to shop for my new year's eve dress
after buying everything ,i went to the store where my mother is working
i helped her by modeling their dresses and walking inside the mall.
hahahaha..that was fun.
i sold a lot of dresses.niceee!
i actually love doing it.

our next spot
Dubai Marina

I'm sorry with those very tired eyes
sleeping disorder

This one's funny.
I look like I'm showing you guys off my "uki".

i have to cover my eyes
i was crossed eyed .lol

I took these photos inside Forever 21's dressing room
i have no one to take a picture of me cause my mom was so busy.
and i can't just take a picture of myself outside the stores with the timer on, cause that would just make people think I'm crazy or whatever.

Was wearing a blue V-neck shirt from Forever 21, Floral ruffled mini skirt from H&M, Lace tights from H&M, black socks from H&M, Black Gladiator shoes from New Look, Black beanie hat from Topshop, feather necklace from For Love 21, Black diamond big rose ring (ala Chanel) from Forever 21, Brown leather skull bag from Thomas Wylde and neongreen wristwatch from For Love 21.


Annie said...

i have a skirt similar to that from H&M too. but the flowers are more blue, purple, and pink colored.

what store does your mom work? tell her to get me a discount. hehe.

please tell her happy bday as well :)

Mabellie said...

i want them in purple and pink too!!.

she's working with this spanish designer here in Dubai.
they're making maxi dresses summer dresses and grecian dresses with a lot of different fabric.
and more different styles..
and they pretty feel amazing when worn. the fabrics are amazing..

the designer would even ask me to wear her dresses so all the dresses from her that i have now are all free.she just wanted me to wear it anytime,anywhere..specially when I'm at the store or mall.hahaha.and always bring her calling card so that if someone might ask who the designer is i can give it to them..LOL..

well anyway the name of the shop is Tipsy Gipsy:)

If ever you're coming in Dubai, you have to buy dresses from there!!ok?!..hahaha..lol

suuure suure i will tell her:)..
thanks ate annie..

i miss you!!:)