January 16,2009


I’ve got nothing to say,really.

except that today was a cold sunny day,…and i barely forgot i was wearing a mini skirt .sigh
i was running out of time and was late for my movie time showing.LOL

(one of my favorite shirt that my dad got me from Germany)

I think it’s starting to be a trend..FLAGS..:P

I’m a Filipina and i don’t have one from my country,seriously..hahaha..

was wearing Black big Germany shirt my papa got me from Germany, Ruffled floral mini skirt from H&M, Brown skull leather bag from Thomas Wylde, Big gold studded belt from Claire’s, Muslim Tasbih rosary necklace from Claire’s, Mustard knitted beret from Forever 21, Black gladiator shoes from New Look, two toned wayfarers red/black from Greenhills


M e g g y said...

I love your shoes :)

Anonymous said...

nice twins!

Luna Supernova said...

oh wow, i am in love with those shoes!!!!!

hey, you got a shout out on my blog :)

carpediem said...

i love everything about this outfit :)

Nicole Anne said...

you're so pretty,and I could tell you were filipino before I read your post,are you full?by the way I'm filipino too ha :]

D said...

love your outfit,and the colors are so awesome and they are so right together,your so pretty love them smile!

i hope you made your movie,for some reason i have never been on time when scheduling a movie !

Mabellie said...


I'm moore than inloove with your closet!hahaha..yes I did!! and I'm now back blogging!..It's been awhile:)


haha..really??that's so cool!! I'm a mixed of racial heritage. Spanish-Chinese-Filipino-Portuguese.hehehe.. where you now?Phils?:)

awww...you never fail to make me smile..haha
thanks btw! you're so nice:)