This is one of those days where we all get excited for, Christmas shopping! I know, I know most of
you guys have done all your Christmas shopping already, but trust me I haven't done any yet. hahaha. Let's say it sucks to be unemployed and saving money while studying, who's with me?? hah!

I'm not really "choosy" when it comes to gifts, really. A friend of mine once gifted me a dress that I'm really not a fan of ,but then there's this feeling you get somehow that it's very special and you HAVE to wear/use it, and end up loving it! hahaha. does it happen to you? IT DOES, to me ;)

Fall 2011 is all about warm/gun metal/jewel toned dresses and shoes with sequined/glitters. Good bye bodycon say hello to sophisticated long dresses :)

okay so move on, here are some stuff that I'd really really want to end up in my closet! so if you have no idea what to give for Christmas, please consider this list ;) *cough*

#1. ASOS
It is one of my ultimate favourite online shop and it has never fail me to go nuts every time I pay a visit to their website. :)

asos wishlist 4
Here are few long/mid-length dresses (that you could wear on Christmas btw) that I like. :)

asos wishlist 3
great short dresses in blue and black. chic!

asos wishlist 2
and of course what could go wrong with a simple yet classy LWD (Little White Dress)

asos wishlist
I do love everything in gold! a gold watch and accessories with a pop of colour would complete your whole look :)

asos wishlist 5
and what's not to love with all these colourful/glitzy/velvety shoes? it screams PARTY!!! a must in your wardrobe ;)
and oh btw these shoes are on sale now! ;)

p.s. - the more shiny and glitzy they are the better ;)

#2. JO MALONE scented candles in Roasted Chestnut scent.
I've heard a lot of good reviews about this candle and the brand itself, I love chestnut and anything roasted! an addition to my scented candle collection, this might be an ideal candle to light on Christmas eve <3
jo malone

#3. MAKEUP FOREVER rouge artist intense Matte Lipstick in #5
I've been on a search for a deep mute berry mauve coloured lipstick and I think I've already found the perfect one!! It was when I had a walk at Serendra the other week with a friend and tried on MUFE's matte lipsticks and then I was instantly hooked with Matte #5 Violet Pink!:) I was so ready to purchase it but then unfortunately I was not able to bring any extra cash that time so it's a shame I went home without it :(
mufe #5

#4. BENEFIT Bathina Body Balm (take a picture..it lasts longer..)
First of all I super love Benefit!! I love how they add extra humour on every goodies they have.THANK God to Benefit for inventing this product!! I've seen a lot of famous celebrities using this body balm and it does look good on your body (especially arms and legs)! It's one of their bestsellers,of course! It leaves your skin a very subtle sexy sheen , and you know what's better? it smells divine <3

#5. URBAN DECAY Naked Palette
I'm in love with this palette, I'm not really good into buying eyeshadows cause I always end up buying those colorful ones. hahaha. this Palette would be perfect for a night to day look! all those neutral brown and black colors in one palette + it's URBAN DECAY.. what's not to love with this whole package? :)

#6. LA SENZA bedroom slippers
I'm currently using the MUJI bedroom slippers, I'm not really liking it cause it's kind of stiff, thick and hard, I guess their slippers were really made for men hahaha it's actually my boyfriend's slippers (nang agaw ng slippers haha) but I had to use it cause all of my cutesy fluffy slippers looks shitty now hahaha and there's something about La Senza bedroom slippers that makes a woman feel sexy even just walking around the bedroom ;) loving those witty quotes too ;)
la senza

#7. MUJI acrylic makeup organizer
Okay here's the thing. I just realised that I have too much makeup already (for someone like me who doesn't really wear makeup everyday) some of them are in my closet some are in my handbags and some are on my accessory table. too much clutter everywhere!! :( I need to organize everything that's why I need THIS!! I saw the Kardashian sisters using an acrylic makeup organizer similar to this on their show, tho' they have the huge and expensive version called clear cube, I think this would be a perfect option. :)

#8. OTTERBOX - BB Torch 9800 pink strength series
I've once owned an otterbox case for my BB Torch, it somehow ended up a crack on it's upper case, not sure what happened tho' but I've probably bought the fake one "made in China". LOL. Which is quite disappointing cause I now have scratches almost over it "insert sad face here". so it would be so cool if someone would think of buying me a new one..a real one! ;) hehehe.

#9. SONY NEX-5N series in white
IT'S SMALL, SHOOTS LIKE PRO and CHIC!! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! to know more about this camera just watch the videos ;)
Roam like a tourist, shoot like a pro.

here's a cute video ad of couple taking pictures <3

some really cool features of NEX-5N

and last but not the least....

#10. RIMOWA luggages
I've always believed in a saying "in every case, there's a story" . TRUE!
I won't tell you guys what luggage I'm using at the moment cause it's just too embarrassing!! hahahaha. I've been travelling lately with the boyfriend on most part of Asia and I'm on a hunt for a perfect luggage/suitcase!! My discovery of Rimowa started during our Vietnam trip, it was when I saw this girl at the airport standing next to her Rimowa luggages. She has it in a whole set! 4 piece of aluminum luggages in every size and shape,CHIC! jealous and feeling a bit humiliated I suddenly let go of my luggage! hahahaha!! It was just too funny hahaha I went home and started searching the brand Rimowa on the internet.
Rimowa, is a German company, that make some of the highest quality and damn sexy luggage in the world. They're 100% pure polycarbonate, super light and scratch free! and one of it's best feature was the multi-wheel functionality.It’s like a stealth cat, so quiet you can’t even hear it. HAH!
I heard that their Salsa Air collection is the lightest, you could carry the Large one using your pinky finger! Coolios!

There are famous Holywood celebrities who are using Rimowa luggages too!
Rosie Huntington, Jessica Alba, Ashley Greene, Gisele Bundchen and Bradley Cooper to name a few.

What I really want is a luggage that I could put up stickers of countries that I've been to. I've already bought a lot of magnets for my Ref and now starting to collect stickers for my "future Rimowa" luggage too! hahaha. Photos of my DREAM LUGGAGE with stickers shown below! <3

now here are some photos of the Rimowa luggages! enjoy!! <3


here's a photo of a several decades old luggage, one of the original suitcases they designed and still going strong!! can you see the Philippine flag? :D


lastly, here's a really funny video of Rimowa luggage

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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