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*UPDATED (outfit details)

Because I had no idea what to post first and since I've been MIA in blogosphere lately I thought why not post every outfit that I wore lately this year and last year all in just one post.
so here it goes....

excuse me for some crappy photos. :)

1st photo: Dress-Zuhair Murad for Mango, Clutch-Steve Madden, Ring-dragonmart.
2nd photo: Dress-Forever 21, Blazer-Splash, Clutch-Steve Madden, Necklace-For Love 21, Shoes-Bershka.
3rd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Leather Jacket-H&M, Purse-JBR market, Shoes-dragonmart, Necklace- ForLove21, Bangle-thrifted.
1st photo: Top*Skirt*Necklace-Forever 21, Shoes-H&M
2nd photo: Black jacket*Skirt- thrifted, Shoes-VNC
3rd photo: Black leather dress-Forever 21, Shoes-Bebe, Denim jacket-Levis, Slingbag-Thomas Wylde.
1st photo: Top-Splash, Leggings-H&M, Shoes-NewLook, Hat-Spain, Sunnies-Rayban, Bag-Splash( for 15 dhs. ;) )
2nd photo: Dress-Forever21, Necklace-Shoemart, Bag-Splash, Caged booties- *drum roll* Dragonmart.
3rd photo: Floral top-Forever21, Skirt-NewLook, Necklace-Splash.
1st photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Cowl*Booties-H&M.
2nd photo: Top-Forever21, Orange tutu-QuietRiot, Leather jacket-H&M, Purse-SteveMadden, Necklace-Splash, Sunnies-Zara, Shoes-Chanel.
3rd photo: Dress*Booties-Dragonmart, Necklace-Forever21, Purse-H&M, Rings-Dragonmart.
and here you can see half of my mom's and boyfriend's face. sorry that I had to crop you out of the picture babe.haha
1st photo: Top*Leggings-Forever21, Leather jacket-H&M, Shoes-Dragonmart.
2nd photo: Dress-Splash, Shoes-Shoemart.
3rd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Sunnies-Forever21, Hair accessory-H&M, Purse-Longchamp
1st photo: Dress-Forever21, Shoes-NewLook, Purse-SteveMadden.
2nd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Cardigan-Forever21, Purse-SteveMadden.
3rd photo: Dress-Splash, Shoes-Guess, Purse-thrifted, Necklace-ForLove21, Rings-ForLove21*dragonmart.
1st photo: Dress*Booties-Forever21, Sunnies-Zara.
2nd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Shoes-New Look, Hair accessory-Accessorize, Purse-Valentino(gifted)
3rd photo: Dress-New Look, Belt-River Island, Handmade necklace*Bracelet-I made it, Bag-Benetton.
1st photo: Dress-Mango, Earrings*Ring*Bracelets-ForLove21.
2nd photo: Dress*Shoes*Leather jacket*Ring-Forever21.
3rd photo: Dress: Dress-New Look, Belt-Forever21, Shoes-Milano, Purse-Rampage.
1st photo: Top*Shoes-New Look, Shorts-Miss Selfridge, Purse-thrifted, Hat-H&M.
2nd photo: Dress-Celine, Hat-thrifted, Purse-Prada, Shoes-People are People.
3rd photo: Top*Belt*Hat-Forever21, Bottom-Bershka, Shoes-NewLook, Sunnies-Mango.
1st photo: Dress-New Look, Coat-thrifted, Shoes-Guess, Clutch-Steve Madden.
2nd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Chandelier earrings-Satwa, Hat-Spain, Ring*Bracelet-JBR Market.
3rd photo: Dress-TipsyGypsy, Leather Jacket-H&M, Booties-Forever21.

and here are the snaps during the photoshoot I had with one of Dubai's top Photographer/Blogger Mariyah for the Fashionable Pinay Feature.

all clothes and styling done by me . teehee :>

Dress-TipsyGypsy, Hair accessory-H&M, Flower ring-The Ramp (Philippines), Rings-Dragonmart*JBR Market*ForLove21, Shoes-Dragonmart.
Top-Forever21, Tutu skirt-Quiet Riot, Hair accessory-Dragonmart, Necklace-Iconic, Shoes-Zara, Rings*bracelet-Dragonmart*The Ramp*JBR Market*ForLove21.
Top-Splash, Skort-Blanco, Hat-H&M, Socks-Topshop, Shoes-Michael Kors, Bracelet-ForLove21, Bowtie-Karama.
Dress-Dragonmart, Necklace-Splash, Shoes-New Look, Bow headband-ForLove21, Rings-ForLove21*Dragonmart*JBR Market.
Lace top-Topshop, Scarf worn as a skirt-H&M, Shoes-Bershka, Sunnies-Forever21, Chain necklace-Tint (Philippines), Leaf necklace-New Look, Belt-Splash, Ring-ForLove21, Bracelet-photographer's own(Mariyah)
Dress-Splash, Hearts tights*Socks-Topshop, Necklace- from Turkey, Booties-H&M.
Top-H&M, Blazer-Forever21, Shoes-Dragonmart, Head accessory-Photographer's own (Mariyah)

hope you guys had a lovely summer. :)

BTW, many of you guys didn't know I was in a Musical show in Dubai called FAME the Musical and played one of the main lead role, Mabel Washington (one of the many reasons I'm missing out). I spent my summer rehearsing for the show, it was not that easy peope I'm telling you because I had to sing, act,dance and eat (yes you read that right..EAT!!) at the same time and did ballet classes for my role (I'm pretty bad at it. haha) we did a few shows in Jumeirah Madinat theatre.It was a HUUGE production and there were 100+ of us casts!!! imagine us dancing and jumping of the stage all together.The shows were completely sold out!!!it was amazing!! T'was a lot of fun working with different theatre actors that came from different parts of the world cause you get to learn a lot of new stuff on acting. especially if you get to work with an Olivier Awardee like Mrs. Rachel Berry :)) and it was my real pleasure to be a part of WestEnd stage experience and popular productions. working with them for the first time is just lovely!!! I love love love all of them!! can't wait for next year's show!! watch out for that people ;) yaayyy!!

you can check it all out here --> http://www.fameonstage.co.uk/

Theatre has always been a part of my life.. performing on stage is my first love and always will be <3.>


BusyBeingHappy said...

ohmygod..i love all of your outfits to death!!!! everything is beyond amazing! i would really love to know where you got each piece. :))


you're such a superstar. always looking amazing. keep it up : ) xx

Mabellie said...

- thank youuu :*. I just updated the post for more outfit details. check it out. hahaha. I feel like I've been gone ages!!! didn't know you have a blogspot site now. hahaha. I missed you and your posts in Chictopia ;).

- Cathyyy!!! nawwww. thank you doll. Muse inspired me to do so. HAHAHAHA. believe it or not I was just listening to their album and feel like doing it Lol.:p. I willl.. I can't wait for Satwa shopping later tonight! hahaha <3

Edez said...

lurve the sultry look on the 2nd photo :)

Nayantara Sam said...

Woah! You are so pretty! I love your lips! And you have such a diverse range of styles <3 I definitely will be coming back here :P

www.seren-dip-a-tea.blogspot.com Please follow me :D

Dubai Fashionista said...

gorgeous looks!!! love the leopard scarf worn as a skirt...so stylish!!!