mama finally a blogger!yayy

okay 1st post I'm really inspired to those fashion bloggers like fashiontoast and carla'scloset. so i decided to build my own blog and post whatever i want.lol.. from my daily dose of life to fashion reviews.:).

I'm also a chictopian.so those of you who don't know me yet and have no idea where i came from you can add me in chictopia:).To all my chictopian friends..Hi y'all!.haha.

I'm Mabel Bacusmo, From a very beautiful country named Philippines. I used to live in Leyte a small province in the Visayan part of the Philippines:)( "oh yes i'm fluent in Bisaya"):P
I'm an only child and 19 years of age;P.
you guys might be wondering why my blog title is "potosikwate"..aww..hahaha
putosikwate is one of my favorite delicacies back home.
my grandmother used to buy me putosikwate everyday.hahaha
and the time when my family moved to Manila,since then i was craving for it. nyahaha!:)

i graduated High School in St. Mary of the Woods School in Makati. and i'm proud of it!:) yayy!..

but now i'm in Dubai. Amazing place!:). living with my parents and working part time as a singer for hotels:).

I'll be transferring soon to London this coming February for school and hopefully study Fashion Design and Merchandising in London College of Fashion:)

so that's all for now. if you have any questions just comment me;).

and by the way you guys can add me on my Facebook account!:)

ayayyayyy amigas!


⋆✌㋡ღ⋆ ChenMeiXi ★ 陳美西 ⋆ღ㋡✌⋆ said...

hey mabel! u got blogspot na diay! coolness! w3lcome to the blogworld hehehe

just bloghoppin' here ;)


Mabellie said...

yup i'm officially a blogger now!!

I'll drop by on yours also;)